Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Valentine Sign

My inspiration was this Pinterest pin.  I went to Michael's and got the ribbon for $2, 2 red wooden hearts for 29 cents a piece, a white paint sharpie and some red glitter glue. Very inexpensive project! <3 I also saw the larger wooden hearts used in the original idea there too for $1, but these ones were much cheaper and already painted.

The first step I did was the names.  I played with fonts and found the one I liked the best was Minya Nouvelle.  So I printed out the names in size 36 and taped them on top of the hearts to use this method of name painting. With the names taped in position I used a ball point pen and traced the outline of the names, indenting the wood.  Remove the paper and use the paint sharpie to paint the names inside the indentation.  Mine required about 3 coats of paint.

Once the names dry you can use the red glitter around the edges of the hearts.  This is self-explanatory. :)

For the finishing touches I cut a 5" and 12" piece of ribbon and fired up the glue gun.  Hot glue the 5" ribbon between the 2 hearts in the middle.  Use this technique on the 12" ribbon to make the bow.  (Pretty much the bunny ears bow tie method)  Hot glue the 2 ends of the bow to the top heart and voila! Your Valentine Sign!

I love that you can add more hearts for the whole family and it is a cute personalized decoration for the home!

Happy Crafting!

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