Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Ribbon Wreath

I did a ribbon wreath!  Being my first one it didn't turn out as good as this one, which is where the directions for the ribbon wreath are.  But here's what I learned for next time!

As I was cutting and gluing the ribbons I started to try different sizes to see what it looked like.  Turns out the smaller ones are better, the bigger loops just look funny on the wreath.  By small vs. big I mean 2" vs 3".

The other thing I learned is the directions that you face your ribbons kind of matter.  You want the wreath to have some flow. So for instance on the sides of the hearts try to keep the ribbons mostly diagonal in the same direction, instead of in every which way. You can kind of see how there are different rows of ribbons.  You can try to make the "middle" row in a different direction than the outside rows  (which I didn't do...this time!). 

I got the ribbon on sale at Michael's for $1 each and the foam heart frame was from Joann's for $2, so the whole wreath was under $10! Gotta love cheap projects that become pretty decorations!
Happy Crafting!